How It Works

The procedure of placing an order comprises 4 consequent steps:    

    The photo restoration specialists at Tollywood Photo Fix use the latest digital technologies, combined with old-fashioned artistic skill, to restore faded, worn, stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached, faded and other damaged photographs. No matter what’s wrong with your photo, our experienced artists have seen it before - and they’ve fixed it!
    When you take your photo to your local Tollywood PhotoFix dealer, it never leaves the store. In fact, our artists will never touch your original photo. Your dealer will scan the photo, creating the digital image that our specialists will work with. The images are transferred over the Internet.
    Working with digital images also allows us to offer highly specialized services, including realistic colorization of black-and-white images, background changes, and even adding or removing people!
    When your photo is ready (usually 1-3 days later), your dealer will be notified by e-mail. That’s when you’ll be asked to come in to pick up your long-lasting archival print.
    Find your local Digital Photo Restore Top of the Page dealer
    Digital Photo Restorestoration Out sourcing india has the world’s largest network of World photo restoration specialists. These photo retailers will answer your questions face to face. What’s more, you’ll get a professional scan and a long-lasting archival print. Enter your Zip / Postal code at the top to find your local photo restoration professionals: or Click Dealer Locater
    Digital Photo Restorestoration Out sourcing india Dealers Are Not Availble In Your City Sine Up As Customer Account scaning Your pictures And select The Catery Sending them to us;see customers service page If you Need A Free Quate Reaquest Click «Upload Photo» button to process your order.
    Accaptence And Payment.
    With in 24 hours review & downlode your image